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High Security Welded Mesh Fence (HSWM)

also known as Clearview fence or See through fence offers an anti-climb, anti-cut and CCTV optimised security barrier.

High Security Welded Mesh Fence is wire fused and welded with different Aperture sizes of Horizontal distance ie. 12,7 mm (1/2 inch) and vertical distance of 76,2 mm (3 inch) Clearvue Fence

also known as 358/3510 where 3 denotes 3’’ (distance between horizontal wires) and 8 or 10 denotes diameter of the wire in Gauge. Clearvue Fence

Clearview fence
Clearvu fence

 Currently HSWM (Clearview Fence) is one of the most secure forms of security fencing systems available. Cearview fence

Available machinery and technical resources enable us to manufacture all products LOCALLY and give us the added advantage of offering customers a uniquely designed product that meets their specific security requirements. Clearview fence

A fence can be customised to suit your needs. We can, for instance, offer a 2.5m fence, instead of the normal 2.4m high. Even the apertures can be set according to your needs.Clearview Fence

Why install HSWM Fence

Clearview fence Anti Cut


Extremely difficult to cut with a hand cutter as the ‘beak’ of the wire cutter will not be able to penetrate the horizontal wires.

Clearview Fence Quick Installation

Excellent replacement option

to solid wall as it is faster to install, more economical and CCTV camera has clear sight.

Anti Climb Fence

Difficult to climb

The space between the horizontal wires are too narrow for the fingers to have a grip.

Tradia Steel manufacture OF HSWM SECURITY FENCING

Clearview Fence

Medium Secure

25x76.2mm aperture
3x3mm wire

Clearview Fence High

High Secure

12.7x76.2mm aperture
3x4mm wire

Clearview Double

Double Secure

12.7x76.2mm aperture, 3x5.6mm dbl wire every second starnd,

(Clearview fence) HSWM Fence

Dominantly used in perimeter protection

Designed to bring High security perimeter protection on what matters. 

The fence is designed to have a Clear view on whats happening on the other side of the fence which help for human patrolling and video surveillance protection


TRADIA offers a wide range of highly secure, see through Clearview Fence fence and aesthetically pleasing fencing solutions, better known as HIGH SECURITY WELDED MESH FENCE (HSWM) as well as ELECTO MESH.


FlexPI is an intrusion detection sensor used to protect unsupervised building interiors.
It makes use of proven microphonic cable technology to the specialized requirements of indoor security applications.


FiberPatrol is a fence-mounted fiber optic intrusion detection sensor that detects and locates intruders climbing, cutting or lifting the fence fabric. FiberPatrol is ideal for protecting long perimeters and sites where EMI or in-field conductive components are a concern.


Applications: Commonly used for humanitarian protection applications, food control, civil construction etc.


By itself, your expensive security fence is only a minor deterrent to determined intruders – they can cut-through or climb it in seconds! By the time your building’s alarm system detects them, they could already be stealing or damaging your property.


Tradia offers a wide variety of gates to suit requirements of a project – all gates are made in South Africa.

our vision

At Tradia, we seek to design high quality fences, strictly adhering to best practices, which add value to projects of our customers. While supplying those fences, we want to add value to lives of people in its circle of influence in all aspects – social, economic and environment, upholding the highest trade and business ethics, while fostering the human spirit of growth and innovation. Clearview Fence

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